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Important Updates & Announcements

ACF Movie License 


DPAC has renewed the 23/24 ACF movie license for all SD 67 Elementary School PACs. More information will be emailed to your PAC once the license has been processed. 

SD 67 is undergoing a Long Term Facility Plan.

The Long Range Facility Plan was presented to the Board of Education on January 23/24. The FULL presentation pdf and information on what the Long Range Facility Plan can be read at the link below.


The board has voted in favor of a 60 public engagement period. Below is the information on when & where the sessions will be held. More information will also be posted to the Lets Connect SD67 webpage. 

Okanagan Skaha DPAC will continue to participate in all meetings over the next week and post updates as they happen. We have representation at all monthly committee and board meetings, and we also participate on the Budget Committee and last year, the Strategic Planning Committee.

Again, read the full report at and watch for updates!

LRF Engagement Sessions.png

BCCPAC Membership is up for Renewal! Click here for details

Full Page with more details is here!

Since the majority of parents do not normally attend the monthly public meetings, or the yearly public budget presentation, DPAC would like to share some insight into what the next few meetings are, as well as information on how we got here.

A Special Board Meeting is being held on Tuesday, Jan 23rd at 6 pm at the siyá? House, which is the building behind the School District Board office at 425 Jermyn. It is open to the public to come listen, but please remember it is not a townhall or forum meeting. This is a presentation to the board of the districts recommendations.

On Thursday, Jan 25th, the Business Committee will then review and discuss the recommendation. The Business Committee may make a motion to proceed to the regular Board Meeting. Business Committee meetings are also always open to the public to observe, and it is normal procedure to have the discussion at the Business Committee meeting. This meeting will also be at the siyá? House and begins at 6 pm

On Wednesday, Jan 31st the regular Board Meeting will be held at the siyá? House at 6:30 pm and is again open to the public to attend and listen. If the board accepts the recommendation from the committee, the next step will be to start the public engagement period. The public engagement period is the public's time to come out and review the recommendations and ask your questions. The last time our district went through this process, there were multiple sessions held and many ways to ask your questions.

Now on to WHY we are going through this!

The Long Range Facilities Plan is part of the Strategic Plan, and a requirement of the Ministry of Education & Childcare. You can read more about these plans below. 
Long Range Facilities HERE

June 22 2022 Update HERE

Strategic Plan HERE

For those who would like to understand how a school district budget works, below is a presentation from 2020-2021. The actual budget numbers are not reflective of this coming budget process, but this is a great explanation of how the district is funded by the Ministry, and how a school capacity impacts the budget, followed by our schools.

How a School District is Funded

At any of the meetings that are coming, the Board may also decide not to accept the recommendation. The district will most likely post all the updates to and DPAC will also share the information on our Facebook page and website.

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